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"Be a connoisseur. Taste with caution." -Rumi

Our rendezvous will commence in a well-appointed public venue, such as a restaurant or lounge with rare exception to the contrary. Likewise, I only visit four- and five-star hotels. Extremely rare exceptions can be made; non-disclosure agreements can also be arranged for high-profile gentlemen. Outcall, though an Incall (Chicago only) can be arranged with a $400 surcharge to book a hotel suite at a 4- or 5- star hotel in Downtown Chicago. Honorarium is cash only, unless otherwise arranged.

Continental North America*: United States, Mexico, and Canada

3 hours- $1500 (A brief Introduction)

4 hours**- $2000

5 hours**- $2500

6 hours**- $3000

Overnight (up to 10-12 hours)**- $5500

Weekend*** (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon)- $12,000

Week*** (7 days)- $15,000

Just a little longer... $700/hour; $3500/day

*Minimum 2-day notice is required for all rendezvous. Honorarium does not include first-class or business-class airfare or accommodations, in the event of travel outside of Chicago. For cities outside of Chicago, the minimum rendezvous is 4 hours. **Rendezvous commence in public and conclude in private, unless otherwise arranged. ***All rendezvous 1 day or longer must include 6-7 hours of sleep per day. A deposit of 25% is required for all rendezvous. Longer rendezvous available; please email me for details.

International Travel*

2 days- $10,000

3 days- $12,000

4 days- $14,000

5 days- $16,000

7 days/Week- $20,000

Just a little longer... $6000/day

*Minimum 7-day notice required for all rendezvous. Honorarium, in USD, does not include accommodations or airfare, unless otherwise indicated. All rendezvous must include 6-7 hours of sleep per day. Longer rendezvous available; please email me for details. All rendezvous require a deposit of 50%.

Cancellations: I know, life happens while you're making plans. However, rendezvous with my patrons make up a bulk of my income and so cancellations can be devastating for many reasons. A cancellation up to 48 hours prior to our rendezvous will result in the deposit being refunded in full or, preferably, transferred to a future rendezvous if the appointment is rescheduled within 6 weeks. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to our rendezvous will result in no refunded deposit and a 50%-60% deposit required for future rendezvous.

Two last-minute cancellations will result in being blacklisted.

Etiquette: We will arrive at our agreed location promptly, groomed, and sober. My honorarium should be presented to me no more than 15 minutes after my arrival, in a greeting card envelope by itself or within a gift bag, book, or magazine with "For Claudia" written on the envelope. If my honorarium is not presented to me within this time frame and in a respectful manner and without me having to ask for it, I will bid you farewell.

In the rare possibility of me walking out of a date due to a client's rude behavior, deposits are not refunded.